Top Sellers Use Tracker M, Are You?

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In this article we are going to cover how top sellers are using Tracker M to get an edge over their competition.

Strategy #1 Dashboard

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Amazon is becoming more competitive. The sellers who stay on top of changes in their market are the ones who are winning. It’s hard to get all the info you need out of Amazon reports – just calculating your profits for the day or week can take hours.

That is where Tracker M steps in. The app gives your real time sales and profit data from all your products. And the best thing is – that it is all available right from your mobile in an awesome dashboard.

Sales dropping? You can see it and respond by lowering your price or running a promotion. Having real time data 24/7 wherever you are at the time let’s you manage your Amazon business like a pro. What is great is the sales data is broken down by product too. So you can see exactly how any item is doing.

Strategy #2 Inventory

I sometimes forget to check my stock on a weekly basis. I’m busy with other work & also I have a life – so I am not always in the office. Tracker M lets me view stock levels for all my products in real time. I can scan everything quickly and make sure all my items are well stocked. I can connect multiple marketplaces and see the numbers for all the products.

Strategy #3 Trends

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This is probably one of the most helpful features. I can view how sales are doing this week, month or even year. And the charts show how i was doing vs before for the same time period.

It’s hard to see what is going on when you just look at the seller central reports daily. But by being able to see charts of the long term trends – it lets me spot opportunities and weaknesses in my business.

I can see the data for:Sales, Units, Average Price, Profit, Rating & Ranking

The 1 year charts are my favorite – as I can really see the seasonality of my products and factor that in when I am re-ordering stock. It’s impossible to manage your Amazon business without the right data and stats. Tracker M gives you that – both online and directly from your mobile.

Strategy #4 Customer Service

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Good customer service is the number 1 factor in getting positive reviews. Each positive review boosts your conversion rate & therefore profits over time. Customers expect companies to reply to them super fast – otherwise they think the service is bad and might leave a negative review.

Tracker M lets you answer customer emails right from your mobile. Top Sellers prevent negative reviews by responding super fast to customer issues. It doesn’t matter if you are out walking your dog, running some errands – or just out of the office. Tracker M gives you 24/7 access to Amazon customer emails as well as customer emails from your own website.

By being able to get back to customers wherever you are, anytime – the app lets you provide a much better level of customer service than your competition.


This app has helped me manage my Amazon business day to day as well as making long term improvements. Our negative reviews have gone down – and because of our fast replies we are getting more customers leaving us positive reviews. Most importantly I can see my profits and sales in real time. Check it out for yourself & FREE to download Tracker M today! (Simply scan the QR code to download the App)

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