Peter – Advanced Amazon Seller

I love checking how my products are selling and how much profit I have made. My schedule is super busy, so being able to check this off my mobile anywhere, anytime is super useful!

I was having trouble checking accurate profits on Amazon seller central. Calculating the profits and numbers for even just one store can be difficult. Especially if you have to do it every day.

Keeping track of profits of every product in all of my stores was virtually impossible. I was being reactive instead of proactive – because I didn’thave great reporting.

Now, with Tracker M I can see the data real time. No more downloading reports and spending hours just calculating how we are doing.

I have multiple products across several Amazon Marketplaces. Tracker M let’s me monitor how my sales are worldwide – but also I can drill down and see how a specific account is doing.

We have a lot of products, so sometimes it is hard to keep track of them. I can see profit by product directly from the app – so I know exactly what is selling well and which products are not making much profit.

What’s great is I can give my team access to the app too. So my virtual assistant and staff are checking in on product performance throughout the day.

The most useful feature has been giving my team the ability to answer customer emails from their mobiles. This has made our customer support way better than our competition. Now my team can reply in minutes – from home, the car, the gym – anywhere!

I can spot problems the second they happen. Get the app!