Michael – New Amazon Seller

I just launched my product a couple of months ago. Every order, every customer is important to me!

Tracker M lets me check how my business is performing 24/7 – even when I am not in the office. I can see my real time profits – right from my mobile.

I love being able to see the trends in sales and profits and also compare it to last week and the month before – instantly. So far, my sales have been growing steadily from month to month.

Sometimes my competition changes something. If I see my sales drop – I can quickly react and adjust my Amazon listing. I can see my inventory anytime – so I can prevent going out of stock.

What’s great is I can respond super fast to any customer emails – from inside tracker M. Before I used to wait until I got back to my laptop to respond to customers. My average reply time is just a few hours.

I can’t wait to launch more products. I will definitely be using Tracker M to see which items sell the best.

I highly recommend you download the app.

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