How to Make Your Product Stand Out on Amazon

Every year, more products are sold on Amazon. Which means more and more competition for sellers.

It can be very tough to compete with other businesses working around the clock to knock you off. Which is why in today’s article, we’re going to teach you the ULTIMATE way to stick out above your competitors. For the long-term.

Where Most Businesses Go Wrong

Coming up with a brand-new creative marketing angle isn’t easy. Which is why most businesses end up simply copying each other.

You can see this by searching any product on Amazon. Then click on a competitor’s product. Chances are, they have very similar product description pages. So given that they say the same thing, customers immediately look to price and reviews to make their decision.

But there’s another option…

Coming Up With Brand New Marketing “Hooks”

The way to stand out is to present shoppers with something they’ve never seen before. You can see examples of this easily in the supplement niche. At first, when people were learning about fish oil, you could simply sell fish oil and make a profit.

But then everyone was selling fish oil. So, smart supplements started talking about how the fish oil was made. They talked about how fish oil that sat too long went rancid. They talked about how their packaging process made sure it arrived fresh.

Now when you see the main fish oil supplier, you will see all kinds of qualifications. Sustainably sourced. Advanced formula. Packaged fresh.

When a customer learns something new from your Amazon product listing, it releases dopamine. They start checking your competitors and find you’re the only one covering this angle. This incentivizes them to buy from you even if you have less reviews than a competitor.

Finding Your Unique Angle

There are two ways to find your own unique marketing angles. Option #1, you can sit around and meditate and brainstorm. Write ideas down on a notepaper. Take a hot bath and think, think, think. Think until you’re blue in the face and come up with a genius idea!

Not exactly easy. Which is why I prefer Option #2: talk to your customers.

This is the BEST way to get unique marketing angles. Because when you seriously take the time to interview your customers, they will tell you what they really like about it. They’ll tell you what caught their attention. And they’ll do it in a completely unique way.

One time, I was selling a product that helped women grow thicker hair. All the competitors focused on one ingredient, that was proven to help hair grow thicker. Our product also had that ingredient. So, if all I advertised was that we had that ingredient, we’d never stick out.

So I called up some of our best customers. We found that the number one reason they bought our product was due to convenience. It turns out they already knew there were many products that could help them. But they were looking for a high-quality one with major convenience. Which our product had over all the others.

Now on our product description and advertisements, I could target convenience. I could show the customer how easy it was to apply it every day. With this new angle, our conversion rates skyrocketed.

Follow Your Research, NOT Your Competitors

As you’ll find when you do this process, you come up with ideas that no one in your market is talking about. The fact is, very few business owners take the time to do this kind of research.

As you do deep customer research, you will find many different points your customers like about your product. You’ll also find various needs and emotional hot buttons they are looking to satisfy through buying from you.

In this way you won’t just have one unique hook and angle… you will have many different ones.

Don’t be surprised if these all paint a VERY different look of your customer than your competitor’s products do. When you do this process correctly, your product page will be very unique in every aspect from your competitors. And for good reason: you’re actually hitting your customers desire, from multiple angles!

In Conclusion

This is a simple process to stand out from your competition on Amazon. Please, do NOT think this is difficult. I know that calling customers is not exactly “easy”… which is why most business owners simply don’t do it. However, once you start making these calls, I know you’ll have an amazing time.

Because you’re really connecting with your customers and figuring out what makes them tick. And when they have positive things to say about your business, it’ll show you that you’re having a good impact in the world. Take the time to figure out your customers, and they will buy from you.

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